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Father Lucien Galtier (1841) having the foresight of what his mission would become named this sprawling community St. Paul. Over a century and a half later, developers of the Lowertown neighborhood honored Father Galtier by the naming of Galtier Plaza. Galtier Plaza as an architectural project was meant to be the centerpiece of Lowertown while “fitting in” with the existing architecture at the turn of the century.

Galtier Plaza as a functioning building should not only fit in with the existing profile of the Lowertown community, but become the focal point. Lowertown and Galtier Plaza are a blend of the arts and technology, a meeting place for business and a supporter of community events.
Galtier Plaza has become the centerpiece of Lowertown and has now attracted many new businesses. Visit the Galtier Plaza site to see what is happening.